Charging on the road? This is how it works

Our fast-growing public charging network is an important part of Blue Corner’s complete solutions for consumers and businesses.

Always easily on the road

Are you an EV driver on the road? Then there is always a charge point near you! Want to make several charge points available to the public or your visitors? Then become a network partner because you can also count on Blue Corner and the numerous benefits for your visitors and yourself! Discover all about charging on the road and how Blue Corner can help you build a partnership.

Use your charging card or smartphone

As a subscriber, you have a handy charging card. This gives you easy access to our Blue Corner network and that of our partners throughout Europe. So, you will always be on the road hassle-free!

Blue Corner installs your charging system

Having your own charge point is a good idea. It is faster and safer to charge than using a normal wall power socket.
Curious which charge point is ideal for you?

Charge anywhere in Europe thanks to Blue Corner

Worry-free driving of your electric car for work or private use? You can count on Blue Corner! We ensure that electric driving will be smooth, efficient, and extremely easy from now on.

Our European network of charge points is growing rapidly partly due to strong partnerships with leading companies.

You can always find a Blue Corner charge point near you!

As you can see, our network is very extensive. So, you can go anywhere with your charging card.
So, you can always take to the road worry-free!